On Thursday, April 30, the Kiwanis Club of Washington, D.C. announced our newest large scale service partner, Bright Beginnings.

Bright Beginnings is a nationally accredited child and family development center, founded in 1991 for homeless families with young children in Washington, D.C. Its mission is to provide homeless children with a safe, nurturing, educational environment; prepare children to enter kindergarten ready to learn, and support parents towards self-sufficiency.  Bright Beginnings serves 89 children through center-based care at its current site and is operating at capacity. 

In order to address its waiting list of 200 children, the organization is serving 73 more children through its new Home-Based Program which entails sending home visitors to shelters and transitional housing.  Home-based care offers the same high quality early education and parenting support as in the center-based program and increases the number of children served from 89 to 162. 

The home visitation program at Bright Beginnings is the only home-based program in the country that solely focuses on serving homeless families. Funding from the Kiwanis Club will provide part of the required matching funds needed for the Home Based Care Program that was launched by the Office of Head Start. The Kiwanis club has awarded Bright Beginnings a $100,000 annually which will be renewable for up to 5 years in order to fund the new home based visiting program.

Bright Beginnings and the Kiwanis Club of Washington, D.C. will team up to create a one of a kind home based care program that fulfills both organizations’ missions to serve the needs of children and families in homeless environments. Through educational and socialization activities, Bright Beginnings and the Kiwanis Club of Washington, D.C. will improve the transition of families out of homelessness.

Please visit to learn more about Bright Beginnings.